Regular Tune-ups Keep your Heat pump running smoothly all Summer

Summer is upon us, and I am sure, like us, you have felt the heat! So many of us melt every time I go outside, no matter what we do, I mean we are in the South and it’s hot! We often take for granted the system in our homes that keeps us comfortable and cool. Just like your vehicle, an HVAC system has recommended maintenance to keep it operating efficiently and effectively, saving you money and averting any catastrophic disasters on the hottest day of the year. When was the last time anyone looked at your HVAC system or changed your air filter(s)?

Replace your heating unitRegular tune ups by a certified HVAC professional typically covers a complete inspection, ranging from burner and vent inspections all the way to filter and blower component cleaning/replacement. The largest benefit of having your HVAC checked out is that it allows for any unknown issues to be found while they are small, before they turn into a major issue. As you well know, big issues with HVAC systems equal big dollars…and they always show up at the worst possible moment. By handling small repairs as they come up, you can extend the life of your system and enable you to rest easy knowing you will make it through the worst heat with no issues. With the heat and humidity of summer, no one wants to be without their HVAC if they can help it.

Keep that Cash in your Pocket

An inspection by a certified professional can also identify installation issues, such as vents being too small. This can be easily corrected, making your system operate more efficiently. It can identify if your system is too small, which will lead to an earlier end of life failure, allowing you to make educated financial decisions for a replacement in the future. An HVAC professional can also help you optimize the system you have, whether that is identifying obstructions in the air flow or suggesting ways to better manage the flow in your home. For example, at my house, we close vents in rooms like the guest bedroom that we are not using on a regular basis or that are unoccupied. This allows more of the airflow to travel to the rest of the areas of the home.

Dirty Filters Cost you money in Electric bills

Did you know that dirty filters can cause low airflow, which makes your HVAC unit work that much harder? This can make the power bill shoot sky high, especially this time of year. In many homes, HVAC electrical costs can be at least half of your monthly bill. Even just replacing filters on a regular basis could show a drastic improvement in how your system operates AND on your power bill.

Improve Your Homes Indoor Air Quality

Another benefit to changing filters is that it improves air quality in the home. Think about all the dust, mold, pet dander, and other allergens or pollutants that are in the air around you. That air filter is the last line of defense for you and your family! I have seasonal allergies, and I make sure we get our filters changed regularly to minimize any impact to daily life. It helps everyone breathe easier, and sleep better, two key components to a happy life!

Are you ready to get a tune up on your HVAC system? Contact us at Honest Air to schedule your appointment. Our experts can perform routine maintenance and complete repairs of all sizes. Whether it’s a simple air filter cleaning or a full-scale system upgrade, we’re ready to help residents of the Fayetteville, NC area enjoy this summer with a highly efficient and effective HVAC system, keeping them cool and beating the heat like PRO!

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